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Start a Roof Cleaning Business | Roof Shingle Cleaner Choices

Start a Roof Cleaning Business | Roof Shingle Cleaner Choices

Everyday Roof Resolve receives an email or phone call by potential clients who would like to start a roof cleaning business. Typically before contacting us they have already done quite a bit of research online trying to determine what roof shingle cleaner they should use. Unfortunately, the internet contains so much information, and so many different opinions, it can become pretty confusing in regards to which roof shingle cleaner is best for them and the start of their new roof cleaning business venture. In this article we will try to provide a more clear understanding of the most common roof shingle cleaners professionals use and why .

Typically, you will see that there are two different camps when it comes to opinions on the best roof shingle cleaner to use when starting a roof cleaning business.

First, you have the group of folks who believe the only way to go is to use chlorine bleach to clean roof shingles. You’ll probably also notice that this group is pretty aggressive online when trying to plead their case. They should be; using a caustic chemical like chlorine bleach is not only unsafe for the environment but for families, pets, plants, landscaping, or any other living thing. Does it clean a roof? I’m sure it does, but at what cost? The number one reason this chemical is used to clean a roof is because its dirt cheap and they can put more money in their pocket. The irony is that in the end, it never pays. At some point they always end up damaging something, no matter how carful they may be. A little overspray during the application and you will most definitely have an issue.

Imagine starting a roof cleaning business and going to your first roof cleaning job. Would you rather be worried the entire time about if you’re going to accidently get chlorine bleach on painted surfaces, the grass, their beautiful landscaping, or other things? Or, would you rather have your focus on completing the roof cleaning job successfully and making the client happy? It’s simply not worth it. Why take the chance when there are other roof shingle cleaners that you can use that can take all that worry away?

The next group of folks is the biodegradable and safe roof shingle cleaners. Typically they use oxygen bleach based roof shingle cleaners like Roof Resolve. Using this type of roof shingle cleaner product is not only highly effective when cleaning a roof, but is safe for the environment, families, pets, plants, landscaping, or painted surfaces. Seems like a no brainer right?

Imagine starting a roof cleaning business and going to your first roof cleaning job with the confidence that not only can you clean your client’s roof just as effectively as using a caustic chemical like chlorine bleach, but you won’t damage anything in the process. When you arrive you can be proud to show your client the shingle roof cleaner that you will be using and why as a business owner it’s important for you to use a biodegradable and safe shingle roof cleaner. The client will be convinced they have selected the right professional for the job. Someone who can clean their roof effectively and that cares enough to use a roof shingle cleaner that won’t damage their home or yard that they have worked so hard for.

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